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Dear Friend,

Welcome to our website, House and Lot in Cebu Listings (HLCL). We are very excited to serve you with the best listing of properties in Cebu and hopefully in the entire Visayas. Whether you are looking for a House and Lot, Condominiums, or Lot only, we will give you the best in the market.

Our goal is to give our clients (which we consider partners), the best locations and at the best negotiated prices. We intend to help our clients to really give them the property that they want, as well as give the consideration with what they really need.

As the Real Estate industry in Cebu City is growing, we hope to grow and bring the professionalization of Real Estate investing through our efforts and added-value service

Looking forward to serving with the best of House and Lot in Cebu, as well as other properties in the Visayas.

Happy Investing,


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