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Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

After more than a week from the typhoon Yolanda (called as typhoon Haiyan in the international news), many were left challenged and to the point of having deaths in some areas of the Philippines.

Although there are no severe casualties in Cebu city, and the entire Cebu Province as well, we work together as one nation to rebuild lives of people around the country.

Praise be to God that standing up from the typhoon is very much filled with hope. With the entire world pouring in help from other nations, organizations, private companies, churches, and even individuals, rebuilding the entire nation will be very doable.

As a Filipino the only way to thank people is to let them know that we are grateful. In behalf of the Filipino community, as the representative of this company as well. Thank you so much for your giving your all out support. May God bless all of you who helped and are continuously helping. We pray for you that our loving Father will pour more blessings on to your lives. Amen.

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