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For the entire year 2013, there wasn’t much of development Subdivisions in the south city of Cebu, specifically in Talisay City and Minglanilla. As a real estate entrepreneur, I am very happy and proud to introduce a new house and lot in Cebu, which Velmiro Heights.

Like all our reviews, we bring talk about all the good things that a development has to offer, and fully disclose any biases that our company and personnel has for a particular development.

Velmiro Imani Floor Plan - House and lot in Minglanilla Cebu

There are actually a lot of house and lot developments in Minglanilla Cebu, and each has it’s own point of advantage and disadvantage. As usual we are giving a scale of 1-10 for each area to consider, wherein 10 as the highest point level.

LOCATION – 8 Points

Personally, I like the location of Velmiro Heights especially that in some areas which is in Phase 2 of the project, it has a very wonderful view overlooking the sea and other areas in south of Cebu. Although, from the main Minglanilla national highway it is about 700 meters to at least a kilometer. And the road towards it is ascending since it goes towards the mountains. But the view really compensates for it’s accessibility to the highway.

Also one of the big advantage that we see is that since Velmiro is located above, it is way far from floods and from disastrous effects of typhoons or possible calamities. And more importantly that road towards Velmiro heights is well cemented and wide for two-way and a sidewalk.

Amenities – 10 Points

Affordable house and lot in Minglanilla Cebu

Among all the house and lot in Minglanilla Cebu developed, there has been no amenity made by a developer like in Velmiro Heights. Complete with a large Clubhouse, Function rooms, Swimming pools both for adults and kids, an indoor gym, a serenity garden, playground, and a good park/jogging trail.

We are actually being generous with their points since Cebu Landmaster Inc., is the first ever developer doing this kind of project in Minglanilla Cebu.

Design and Functionality – 9 Points

House and lot in Minglanilla Cebu 4 Bedroom Semi Attached

Modern design has been the current trend among most developers and of course Cebu Landmaster Inc. is leading the pack in terms of elegant modern designs. Its designs have truly maximized space, making their house and lot designs more efficient and well utilized. Furthermore, functionality has also been fully considered since all house and lot designs in Velmiro Heights is well spaced and full of durability features.

Price – 9 Points

This is where the rubber meets the road. Price is always an issue, especially for a price conscious-cultured Cebuano like me. Well, we really believe that among the surrounding house and lot in Minglanilla Cebu, all model units in Velmiro Heights is definitely fairly-priced. From a townhouse ranging 1.6-1.8M and an area of 60 sqm is definitely a fairly-priced unit.

For more information about the pricing and model units of Velmiro Heights please check the links below:






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