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As far as the Philippines is concerned, there has been continuous growth in the Philippine Real Estate market and more and more Filipinos are provided with the king of homes that they like.

It most especially true in Cebu City. As the “Queen City of the South” for the Philippines, Cebu City has been the main “trading” market for the Philippine industry.

Businesses and investors, both locally and internationally have eyed Cebu City, Philippines, as a investment grade city which has so much room for expansion.

A big boost in the City is really the manufacturing sector in Lapu-Lapu Meza 1 and Meza 2, which contributes to almost 40% of the labor sector of Cebu City. Manufacturing business from electronics, fabric, rubber, and even research and development vibrantly grows in Meza.

Also another good contributor of the growth in GDP in the Philippines is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The BPO industry has given Cebuanos an opportunity to work with higher wages and better benefits that even rivals other countries. Some business analyst both around Asia and in the Philippines, continuously project that the BPO industry will grow for the next 10-15 years since major companies around the world are looking for better and efficient ways to cut cost.

And of course, the biggest contributor of growth in Philippines is the Filipino workers in other countries more commonly known as OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Worker). Since the OFW’s working from other countries financially support their families in the Philippines, the sending of other currencies adds more monetary value to the Philippines. Also since most of the money sent by OFW’s are way bigger that Filipinos earn in the Philippines, it pours in a bigger financial capacity for each family who is supported by an OFW.

All of these three (3) major factors combine leading to a very healthy Cebu real estate industry. House and lots in Cebu are continuously being bought on a daily basis. From raw lots, house and lot, townhouses, and even condominium investments are widely acquired by Cebuanos with the financial maturity of investing on real estate.

About 6 out of 10 OFW’s now are either have started buying a house or a condominium for investment as well as for their families needs. As local Cebuanos we are proud that the Cebu real estate in really emerging. Based on the Philippine National Statistics Office data, the Cebu real estate market will continuously grow for the next 15-20 years, especially the house and lot in Cebu market.

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