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Here is an article taken from Aboitiz website, which really emphasizes that the Cebu City and the entire province is ready for bigger and bigger developments. Now that property management in Cebu is available in the one of the biggest developers, all other developers will follow suit.

See full article below.

Property Management

AboitizLand Property Management provides structured management of residential and commercial properties, including buildings, subdivisions, and other facilities.

Our objective is to protect the value of our customer’s investment, while enhancing the experience for all occupants and tenants of these properties.

Our services are designed to make the lives of our customers more pleasant, comfortable, and convenient.

Mission. We are property managers committed to nurturing communities and enhancing the value of our partners’’investments through consistent delivery of superior, prompt and innovative service.

Vision. Thriving communities of satisfied partners living, working, playing and investing in the properties that we manage.


For residential properties we offer services such as:

Technical administration of Covenants, Master Deeds of Restriction, Rules, Policies, and Regulations
Construction approval and monitoring
Preventive maintenance and engineering services
Financial management including, billing, collection, and accounting services
Coordination with local government agencies and utility companies
Office and personnel management
Supervision of village programs and activities
Supervision of maintenance and security personnel

For commercial properties we offer services such as:

Property Administration
a. Administrative and Personnel Services
b. Technical Services
c. Equipment Operation and Maintenance
d. Projects Administration

Property Security and Safety Management
Inventory of Assets
Liaison Works with Government Agencies
Environmental Management
Facilities and Equipment Management
a. Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
b. Utility Services
c. Improvements and Rehabilitation

In-door Plants and Exterior Landscaping

Article taken from: http://www.aboitizland.com/about/3292:news.html

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