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Kamalaya Residences Promo

1. Safety and Security

The Kamalaya Residences has a 24-hour security guard and a fully fenced area that is 6-feet high and has a provision space for the Houses. It keeps peace and sense of security to all the home owners.

2. Very Accessible

Kamalaya Residences Dos is very accessible from schools, supermarkets, hospitals, Church, Government Offices, Police Station, and the Local Public Market.

From the main express-highway it is less than 200 Square Meters, and can be a walk from the main road.

3. 1 Year Warranty

Upon move-in of the new home owner of house and lot in Cebu Minglanilla, Kamalaya Residences Dos has a year warranty for all the developments on the area. Any home owner is assured that the house they will live in is 100% quality and guaranteed.

4. Price and Quality

Just by looking at the gate outside the Kamalaya Residences, you can really tell that is of a High-end quality development. Yet in terms of Price is very affordable for people working as Managers, and especially OFW.

5. Investment Grade

For people, especially OFW and Businessmen, the Kamalaya Residences Dos is a good investment in the long-term.

Back in 2011 the value of the land before development was only estimated to be 4,000-5,000 Pesos per square meter, now with the development of Kamalaya Residences priced increased from 10,000-12,000 per square meter.

Imagine how much it would cost in the coming 3, 5, or especially 10 years from now.

6. Esthetically High End

Again, based on the material in Kamalaya Residences, and plus the design, it is esthetically design to qualify as High-end house and lot development in Cebu.

All the units are completely finished, with tiles and fixtures on the toilet and bath as a kitchen counter-top.

7. Built to Last

It is important also to take note of the quality of House and lot units made by developed by Kamalaya Residences.

All finished units are made tough and high-grade materials were use in the construction. In partnership with HBDC, the Project Contractor of NREC, it adds to their guaranteed quality units.

There are a lot more advantages for Kamalaya Residences Dos, and what better way to appreciate it, is to have a free site visit.

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