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This is a very common question among clients that we deal with on a daily basis. So here are the requirements on applying for a Real Estate Loan.

– Valid IDs
This usually requires at least one (1) government issued ID.
– Proof of Income
Can be photocopy of Payslips (if employed), or Financial bank Statements (if business or self employed).
– Income Tax Return (ITR)
This is usually required for business people applying for loans
– Job Contract / Employment Certificate
It is an important reminder that the salary and years of tenure is indicated in certificate since bank often use this as reference for approval
– Marriage Contract
Automatically the bank wants to know just in case what happens is there someone who can take over the mortgage
– Signed Contract to Sell, Signed Reservation Agreement, Signed Computations, and etc.
Often this are documents required by the Real Estate Developer, in which the financing institution also ask for copies.
– Notarized Special Power of Attorney
If the main borrower (person applying for a real estate loan) is not physically available, financing institutions also require SPA’s or person trusted by the borrower to transact with them. They often prefer the spouse or blood-related SPA’s.

Well this helps you in choosing or owning house and lot in Cebu. For properties and options, please don’t forget to check our website or facebook page.

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